Distinctive property of this casing that it used with NO soaking! Due to this advantage the process of preparing it to stuffing become much shorter, cut down production expenses. Also, by request, it is possible to exclude showering process. Overstuffing - 5-10%. Casing can be used with soaking, but for all that overstuffing is 12%.

The main features of multilayer synthetic shrinkable casings Pentaflex®.


Characteristics Pentaflex –Extra RTU®
Calibers (mm) 36 - 120
Overstuffing %
Meat food with soaking
Overstuffing %
Meat food without soaking
Shirring +
Colours >35
Shape straight
Solvent printing (4+0) one-sided, two-sided +
Solvent printing (6+6) two-sided +
UV printing (6+6) two-sided +

Recommendations for using:

Packaging Pentaflex-Extra 
All kinds of boiled sausages +
Liver sausages +
Blood puddings +
Pate +
Hams +
Headcheese +
Chopped meat   (meat mince) +
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