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DSC 6812"PentoPak" company presents a new type of Pentaflex-Universal casing type Slicing.


This casing is developed for packaging moulded hams and sausages of any configuration. Elasticity of such casing contributes to strict overlapping of the relief of metal form or grate, that are used, and also to saving form upon storing. Overstuffing is 15-25%. It can be used in combination with grids of different braiding.


High elasticity (overstuffing till 60-70%) allows to make sausage products in the shape close to the natural bubbles (for example sphere, oval, olive). According customer’s wish, sausage casing can be printed in different colors from both sides.

Pentaflex-Sinuga ®

External appearance of sausages and hams, packed in Pentaflex – Sinuga, is very similar to natural sinuga, but at the same time without all disadvantages, that are inherent to natural sinuga.

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