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New Pentaflex casing color – olive-metallic

Meat and dairy food market is dynamic and high level of competition is typical for it. It is the consumer who dictates the rules and determines assortment and prices. In such conditions there is no chance to work without individual approach in products presentation. For this reason PentoPak developed new color of Pentaflex casings - olive-metallic. 

This unique color complements the Pentaflex metallic shades (gold, gold 4, light gold, bronze, light bronze, copper, red copper) and can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. 

Casing color olive-metallic can advantageously introduce products of manufacturers in the stores, as the packaging of sausages as well as dairy products.

Using this color of casing with printing of the company in packaging sausages with olives or, for example, pistachio ice cream, will harmoniously and favorably introduce the product to customers.