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Packaging for pet's food


DSC 1080The sausage casings «Pentaflex»® is widely used for packaging meat and semi-meat nutrition for pets. If we compare casings with tins they are cheaper, more comfortable and safer for this kind of product.

The main advantages in using nutrition packaged in casing are:

◄ cheaper and nutritious than cans;

◄ safer because produce without conservants and colorings;

◄ easy opening, it doesn’t need can opener;

◄ more comfortable in using, for example, during the trips.

    The casings have got a glossy surface and attractive view which make ready to use food as a high quality product.

 The casing as a packaging, is neutral and dont affect on smell and taste of food is packaged in, and keep optimal organoleptical and microbiological properties during a long storage period.

 There is an opportunity to order the printing casing which attract the consumer’s attention and advertise the manufacturer.

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