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Pentaflex Kranz with mate effect

Pentaflex Kranz with mate effect

In the face of growing consumer interest in "natural" products and at the same time the rapid increase in the cost of natural casings meat processing enterprises are looking for a replacement, an alternative to them. A good solution is barrier membranes. The company "PentoPak" is constantly working to improve the quality of products, expanding the range, taking into account the wishes of the consumer and market trends. So was upgraded already well-established in the market for quality indicators shell Pentaflex-Kranz®. It is presented in a new color scheme, namely with a matte effect. Now added to the product range is one of the most popular matte colors-smoking, being prepared for sale in the near future will be put into industrial ptoduction of two more. This new development should be a good alternative to natural casings. It will help to maximize the similarity to natural counterparts, while avoiding all their inherent shortcomings. The successful combination of original circular form given to the finished products, and traditional properties inherent in a standard envelope "Pentaflex" do Pentaflex-Kranz® unique from the consumer point of view.


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